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We are no longer stocking alpine plants, but will leave these up for information purposes.

Note - Alpines that have pictures will be written in dark green and underlined. Click on the name of the alpine to view the picture.

Acantholimon litwinovii
Spiny blueish-gray cushions which are a little friendlier than most in the species. Pink flowers. Sun. 6" x 18"

Achillea tomentosa 'Nana'
Common name: Yarrow
Soft yellow umbels June - July, 2", Sun

Acinos alpinus
Common name: Alpine Rock-Thyme
Red-violet flowers bloom in summer on 5-6” stems, with rich green foliage that forms an attractive mat. An excellent groundcover with evergreen leaves. Leaves may be used in cooking (minty flavor), or as a tea substitute. Dry, sunny location. Zone 4.

Aethionema grandiflorum
Common name: Persian Stonecress
Low, shrubby perennial that forms a beautiful cushioned mound of soft blue-green needle-shaped leaves. Racemes of pink to lilac colored flowers late spring – early summer. Prune lightly after blooming to maintain a bushy habit, Use in rock gardens or as front edging along borders. Likes poor, dry, alkaline, rocky or sandy soil. Must have good drainage. Dislikes winter wet. Self-seeds. 6-12” tall x 12-18” wide. Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Alchamilla faeroensis var pumila
Common name: Dwarf Lady's Mantle
Finer in texture and more compact than the common Alchemilla mollis and better suited to the rock garden and for edging. Yellow-green leaves with velvety silver backing. Short sprays of chartreuse flowers appear in June. Rare. Sun/Part Shade. 3-4" tall x 8-12" wide.

Allium cyaneum
A dwarf blue-flowering allium from China. Typically 6” or less in height, with fine, grassy foliage and small pendant to semi-erect sprays of starry blue flowers. Color varies from pale grayish blue to deep cobalt blue.

Androsace lanuginosa
Common name: Rock Jasmine
Rock Gardens, Perennials; Full sun/Part shade; Zone 4
A summer-flowering trailing species, with evergreen, velvet/fuzzy-textured leaves and umbels of pale pink flowers. 3-4” tall x 12-15” wide. Average Water Needs; water regularly - do not overwater

Androsace sarmentosa 'Chumbyi'
Common name: Rock Jasmine
One of my favorite alpines. Umbels of rose-pink flowers are just one part of the story with this plant. The dense, fuzzy rosettes that spread by runners make this plant a standout any time of the year. Sun to part shade in gritty soil. One of the easiest Androsace to grow. Zone 5. 3" x 8".

Androsace sarmentosa 'Sherriffii'...New addition 4/3/14
A trailing carpet of deep-green rosettes. Umbels of fragrant rose-pink flowers are held on taller stems in spring. Full/part sun. Requires excellent drainage. Good for troughs, rock gardens, and crevices. Zone 3. 4” x 12-18”.

Androsace sempervivoides
Common name: Rock Jasmine
Clumping rosettes of this plant resemble sempervivums. Rose/mauve flowers with yellow centers emerge on short stems from the center of the rosettes early to late May. Does prefer some afternoon shade. Does not like to be too wet or too dry. Height - less than 6". Space 6-9".

Androsace sempervivoides ‘Susan Joan’
Tight mats of green rosettes that turn red in winter. An extra heavy bloom of bright pink flowers.

Aquilegia flabellata v. nana
Common name: Aquilegia mini star
Dwarf variety from Japan. Blooms earlier than most columbines, opening its first flowers in April and continuing on for several weeks. Blooms are disproportionately large with bright blue sepals with a white corolla, each flower being topped with prominent horns and appearing on short stems above compact, attractive fan-shaped foliage. 3-5” tall.

Arabis bryoides
Hairy, greyish green rosettes form tiny mounds. Large white flowers on short stems appear in spring. 2" height. Full sun.

Arabis fer-cobergii ‘Old Gold’
A colorful, 2-3” alpine with yellow variegation instead of the usual white. Creeping, but not invasive. Sprays of small, white flowers appear April-May. Zone 3

Arabis kellerei
Common name: Rock Cress
White clusters, May - June, 3", Sun

Arenaria alfacarensis
Common name: Sandwort
This alpine originated in Spain and features tight, compact buns of tiny triangular grayish-green foliage. Stemless white flowers in summer. Grows 2" tall x 6" wide. Troughs or crevices in the rock garden. This plant is hard as a rock!

Arenaria hookeri v. desertorum
Common name: Hooker's Sandwort
Starburst, white flowers on short stems cover these short, dense cushions of green, sharp needles. Spring flowering. 2" x 12". Zone 4

Arenaria obtusiloba
Dense mats of needle-like foliage. White flowers. Zone 5.

Arenaria sp. Ex Grand Canyon
White flowers, rigid needle-like foliage. 2-4" x 12"

Arenaria tetraquetra
Common name: Spanish Soapwort
A drought tolerant creeper that is great in rock gardens. Large white, stemless flowers appear in May to early June. Deep green, evergreen foliage becomes a dense, hard mat. A cute little plant! Full sun, height: 1-2"

Arenaria 'Wallowa Mtn'
Alpine and Rock Garden
Tight rich-green cushions with tiny white flowers. Forms a green mat as hard as a rock! People go nutty over this one! An intriguing Oregon native. 2" x 12", Needs good drainage, Full sun to partial shade, Zone 5

Armeria juniperfolia 'Bevan's Variety'
A much loved alpine thrift. Virtually stemless, globular pink flower heads appear on 3-5" dark green, grassy mounds in early summer. Zone 3

Armeria juniperfolia 'Rosa Stoltz'
Common name: Sea Thrift or Sea Pinks
Tiny, grass-like tussocks of dark, evergreen foliage bear myriads of pastel lavender, button flowers on 3" stems late in the spring to early summer and often again in fall. Zone 3

Armeria maritima 'Bloodstone'
Tight mounds of evergreen tufts of silvery-green, needle-like foliage. Fuchsia, ball-shaped flower clusters on wiry stems from mid-sping thru early summer. Easily planted along sidewalks or driveways as they withstand high salt concentrations. Also good for rock-gardens and troughs. 6” tall x 10” wide. Full sun/Part shade. Zone 3

Armeria maritima 'Little Penny'
Common name: Sea Thrift or Sea Pinks
‘Little Penny’ is noted for its reddish-purple foliage and crimson red flowers. This is a compact, low-growing plant which forms a dense, mounded tuft of stiff, linear, grass-like, red/purple-tinged leaves (to 3” tall). Tufts will slowly spread outward. Tiny, crimson pink flowers bloom in mid spring in globular clusters atop slender, naked stalks rising above the foliage to 4-5” tall. Sporadic additional flowering may occur throughout the summer. Full sun, Zone 5

Armeria tojana
Origin – Turkey. Very tiny cushions of narrow, dark-green leaves and quaint sugar-pink flowers on short stems. 2” x 3”. Full sun.

Artemesia 'Tiny Green'
Common name: Wormwood
New diminutive alpine, 2-3" high with mat-forming gray-green foliage and tiny, yellowish button flowers in summer. An especially worthy gem to plant in the rockery or trough. Survived the winter very well in my Zone 5 garden!

Asperula gussonii
Common name: Alpine Woodruff
Perfectly formed, dome-like, 1” cushions of emerald green leaves are covered with clusters of tubular baby-pink flowers May - June. Full sun. Zone 3

Aubrieta deltoidea 'Dawn'
Common name: Double Rock Cress
Double, Rose Pink. Mat-forming. 5". Spring bloomer. Sun, part shade.

Aubrieta deltoidea 'Dr. Mules'
Magenta-purple flowers look radiant April- May as they bloom in masses over attractive, medium green, mounding foliage. Grows 3-4" tall. Semi-evergreen. My favorite! A real standout in the garden or trough! Zone 5

Aubrieta deltoidea 'Purple Gem'
Vivid purple flowers in late spring-early summer. Re-flowers in the fall. Cut back after blooming to keep plant from getting leggy. Sun/part shade. Nice!

Aubretia deltoidea 'Purple Heart'
Common name: Double Rock Cress
Double, Royal purple flowers are stunning in the spring of the year. Mat-forming mound. 5" tall. Sun, part shade. STUNNING in bloom!

Aubretia gracillis
Common name: Dwarf Rock Cress An attractive, dense, green mat with cascades of dainty violet flowers in the spring. Full sun to part shade. Zone: 4a. Height: 4” Width 12”

Aubretia gracilis ssp scardica
Very dense, hard domes of small foliage. Purple flowers on short stems. Great for troughs, rock gardens and crevices of walls. Needs good drainage. 4" height.

Aubretia macedonica
3” tall mats covered in rose-purpel flowers April-June. Sun/pt shade

Aubrieta olympica
Large single blue blooms on 1" stems stand amongst tight mats of tiny toothed foliage in spring. Second bloom in fall possible. 1" Height. Full sun/part shade.

Bolax glebaria
Common name: Plastic Plant
Rock Gardens, Groundcovers; Full sun/part shade; Zone 4
Tight glossy mats of stiff rosettes invite an exploratory touch and feature tiny yellow flowers in summer. Falkland Islands. Loves warm weather. Perfect for rock gardens, all season ground cover or as Bonsai companion plant. Only 1" tall! Requires well drained soil with some grit, fine gravel or sand mixed in and a slightly alkaline pH.

Clematis scottii
Common name: Sugarbowl Clematis
Late spring- early summer showy deep-blue nodding bell-shaped flowers appear on this rare clematis. 12” tall x 18” wide. Full sun/part shade. Zone 4

Cotoneaster dammeri 'Streib's Findling'
One of the lowest growing Cotoneasters. Flat-growing groundcover with dense, tiny blue-green leaves. Use on banks, berms, or cascading over walls. Evergreen. Full sun. Zone 5 (6). 6" x 8'

Crassula peploides
Common name: Jade Plant
Alpine variety forms aggressive mats with small 1" white flowers. Zone 5

Daphne arbuscula 'Muran Crevasse'
Longer, thin leaves on a plant about half the size of daphne arbuscula. Hardy to -30 degrees. Clear pink flowers in spring. Trough, rock garden.

Daphne cneorum v. puszta
Dark green evergreen foliage and low, spreading habit with a height of 1’. Wider than it is high. Deep pink spring flowers which are very fragrant. Rare.

Daphne x whiteorum 'Beauworth'
Clear pink very fragrant rose/pink flowers in early summer. 12-18" x 24". DOES NOT LIKE WINTER WET.

Daphne velenovskyi ‘Balkan Rose’
A very tiny species similar to Daphne cneorum but much slower growing. Dark pink buds open to lighter pink flowers. 4”

Delosperma congestum 'Gold Nugget'
Common name: Hardy Ice Plant
Yellow, daisy-like flowers with succulent leaves that turn bright red in winter. Drought tolerant plant that likes afternoon shade. Zone 4

Dianthus arapendianus ssp Pumilis
Dense hard domes of tiny green leaves with masses of small pink blooms on short stems. Good for crevices, walls, rock gardens and troughs. 4" height. Full sun

Dianthus arapendianus ssp Pumilis
Dense hard domes of tiny green leaves with masses of small pink blooms on short stems. Good for crevices, walls, rock gardens and troughs. 4” height. Full sun

Dianthus arverensis ‘White Form’
A dwarf pinks with tight cushions of blue-green foliage. Pure white flowers cover the foliage in late spring-early summer. 2” x 6”. Full sun

Dianthus callizonus
Common name: Maiden Pinks
A rare alpine native to only a small area of Carpathians Mountains. Pink flowers in the spring.

Dianthus caesius 'Petite'
Blue-green mounds with pink flowers May-June. 3" tall. Sun

Dianthus caesius ‘Tiny Rubies’
Mat of double pink buttons May-June. 3” tall. Good trough plant. Sun

Dianthus hybrida ‘Blue Hill’
Common name: Hardy Carnation
Rose-red flowers on this 1-2” plant. Blue foliage. Blooms June – July. Stunning! Full sun

Dianthus hybrida 'Minimounds'
Common name: Hardy Carnation
Bright pink, May - June, Tiny leaves - cute!, 2-4", Sun

Dianthus hybrida ‘LaBourboule Albus’
Deeply fragrant white flowers held above neat clums of evergreen narrow-leved foliage. 3” tall x 6” wide. Blooms late spring to late summer.

Dianthus microlepis
Gray-green leaves with pure pink flowers. Plant form a cushion. Zone 3

Dianthus nivalis
Common name: Rock Pink
Pink, June - July, 2", Sun

Dianthus 'Nyewood Cream'
Fragrance is the claim-to-fame of this Dianthus. Intensely fragrant soft-pink flowers appear in late spring over tidy mounds of grey foliage. 4" tall x 12" wide

Dianthus petraeus subsp minutiflorus
Sorry, no information on this one yet!

Dianthus petraeus subsp. noeanus
Alpines, Perennials
Midsummer - intensely fragrant, snow white, frilly flowers with toothed petals, borne singly on upright stems. It makes mats of narrow, pointed, rather stiff leaves, green, but slightly glaucous. Zone 4 (5), Mature size: 3-6" x 10", Full sun to part shade

Dianthus subacaulis ‘Blue Bun’
Common name: Rock Pink
Sessile pink, May – June, 2”, Full sun

Draba brunifolia
Slender-leafed rosettes build slowly to form tight low mats and bear masses of bright yellow blooms in spring. Caucasus to Turkey 3" x 12" Sun/part sun Excellent trough plant

Draba dedeana
Alpines, Rock Gardens; Full sun; Zone 4
Dense cushions of tightly stacked deep green rosettes adorned in spring with a crown of short-stemmed white jewels. Spain, in moist shady places. 3" x 4"

Draba olympica
Alpines, Rock Gardens; Full sun/Part sun; Zone 4 A green, stiff, bristly, low ground cover for rockery and walls. Bright yellow blooms March – April. Mounding to 4” tall. Semi-moist well drained soil

Draba rigida v bryoides
A personal favorite! A very dense cushion of tiny rosettes covers itself with delicate yellow flowers on 2-3” stems in the spring. Appears to be quite hardy! Perfect for troughs.

Draba zapateri
Bun-shaped plant growing less than 1” tall. White flowers in mid-April to early May on 2” stems. Needs part-shade (northern slopes good).

Edraianthus pumilio
Beautiful blue, upright bells sit on a grassy cushion in summer. Very well drained soil in full sun.
3” x 5”

Edraianthus serpyllifolia
A member of the Campanulaceae family. Flowers are upturned bells of rich, deep violet. Blooms late spring/early summer. When in bloom this plant will be noticed from a long distance away!

Erigeron algidus
Compact clump of fuzzy, narrow leaves. Large blue-purple daisies on 2-3” stems. 3” tall x 5” wide. Full sun

Erigeron compositus ex: Railroad Ridge
A heavy bloom of lavender-blue flowers on short stems cover this small form. Good plant for a crevice, rock garden or trough.

Erigeron compositus 'Red Desert'
A tiny plant good for troughs. Daisy-like flowers. Likes it dry. Afternoon shade in hot climates.

Erigeron hybrida 'Goat Rocks'
(E. aureus x e. compositus)
Tufts of hairy, silver-gray foliage with bright lemon-yellow flowers on 3" stems. An RHS Award of Merit 2001 recipient.

Erigeron leiomerus

A favorite fleabane! Dense mat of small spathulate leaves. Covers itself with pretty blue daisies in late spring.

Erigeron scopalinus
Groundcover, Rock Gardens, Alpines; Full sun; Zone 4
A small, creeping evergreen species for a moist soil, covered by a drift of white daisies in spring.
1" x 10"

Erigeron scopalinus (scopulorum) ex Fred Case
Nice mats of lacey silvery foliage. White daisy-type blooms. Part shade - Shade. Less than 1" tall.

Erysimum kotschyanum
Common name: Dwarf Yellow Wallflower
Stunning show of yellow flowers as the crocus and forsythias begin to bloom in the spring. Plant has a mild, sweet fragrance. Light green leaves with jagged edges. Grows 1-2" tall x 6" wide

Geranium dalmaticum
Common name: Dalmation cranesbill
A low-growing small clump of glossy green leaves. Shell-pink flowers cover this geranium in early summer. In fall the leaves turn orange and red. Full sun/part shade. Normal, sandy or clay soil. 4-6” tall x 8-12” wide. Award-winning

Globularia cordifolia 'Nana'
Common name: Globe Daisy
Small-leaved, evergreen foliage on a slow growing, mounding plant. Small blue powder puffs May - June. Plant 2-3" tall, spreading. Sun

Gypsophila bungeana
Common name: Baby’s Breath
Tight, dark-green cushions with white clusters of flowers on short stems. Full sun/part shade. Grows less than 5”

Gypsophila petraea

Common name: Alpine Baby's Breath
White, May - June. 1-4". Sun

Helianthemum 'Cercise Queen'
Common name: Rock Rose
Cold hardy selection of mat-forming, shallow-rooted, woodies with abundant, large double, cherry red flowers. Will take ordinary, well-drained, limey soil. Trim in August for compactness. Mulch in winter. Great for troughs! 2-3" tall. Sun

Helianthemum 'Raspberry Ripple'
Common name: Rock Rose
Cold hardy selection of mat-forming, shallow-rooted, woodies with abundant, rose-red/white flowers. Will take ordinary, well-drained, limey soil. Trim in August for compactness. Mulch in winter. Great for troughs! 2-3" tall. Sun

Heuchera rubescens 'Troy Boy'
This diminutive coral bell is perfect for a rock garden or the front of the border. Tiny, pale pink flowers, tipped with green , bloom in spring. The compact foliage stays tidy with bright green, rounded leaves all season long. Grows to 5". Zone 5

Iris hookeri
One of North America's most beautiful native Irises. Compact green foliage which remains good-looking after the flowers fade. Large porcelain-blue flowers appear late spring to early summer. 8” tall x 12” wide. Full sun.

Lewisia cotyledon 'Yellow'
Flowers in sunny shades of yellow – peachy-yellow appear in spring to summer over tidy rosettes of fleshy leaves. 4-6” tall. Full sun

Lewisia x 'Edithae'
Low mounds of rich green leathery foliage. Bright salmon-pink flowers from spring – summer. 6” tall x 8” wide. Full sun.

Oenothera tetragona
Common name: Evening primrose, Sundrops
Glossy green foliage complimented by golden buds, tinged with red. Brilliant yellow clusters of fragrant 2” saucer-shaped flowers appear June-August. Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. Likes dry sites , full sun. Zone 4

Orostachys spinosa
Common name: Dunce Caps
Troughs, Rock Gardens, Alpines; Full sun; Zone 5 Low globose gray-green rosettes have a fascinating symmetry. Small insignificant yellow flowers are produced after about 5 years when centers swell into upside down cones. Considered to be amongst the most cold hardy plants, –40 degrees. Siberia, Asia 1" x 4"

Penstemon aridus
Common name: Beard Tongue
Bright blue flowers that are produced late spring/early summer over tidy mats of linear leaves. Plant attracts bees, butterflies, and birds. 5” x 3” Sun/part shade. Zone 4

Penstemon caespitosus 'Claude Barr'
Common name: Dwarf Beardtongue
Tubular pink flowers. Colorado native. Rounded, dark-green foliage. 1" x 15" . Sun. Zone 4

Penstemon davidsonii v Menziesii
Blue-violet blooms adorn short stems clothed in small serrated leaves on shrubby compact mats. An exceptionally nice plant! Full sun/Part shade. 4" x 8"

Penstemon davidsonii v menziesii 'Microphyllus'
A very desirable miniature Penstemon – dense, spreading mats with small green leaves. Violet Snapdragon flowers in Summer. Use in a stone trough to trail over the edge or in rock gardens. Full sun in well-drained soil. 2-3” tall in flower.

Penstemon davisonii v. menziesii 'Pink'
Huge, soft pink flowers cover exceptional foliage in spring. 2" height

Penstemon davidsonii v. menziesii 'Tolmiei Peak'
Large lavender-blue blooms on very short stems. Flat, flat mats of small dark green toothed foliage. 1" height.

Penstemon 'Dragontail'
A natural hybrid between P. davidsonii and P. rupicola. Flat mats of tiny, acute, blue-green foliage with large violet-pink blooms. 1" height

Penstemon hallii
Common name: Hall's Beardtongue
Tall scapes of lavender flowers dwarf the tiny mound of deep green foliage. Afternoon shade in warm climates. Tuck it into the north side of a large rock where it's roots will stay cool and moist. Zone 4

Penstemon procerus v formosus
Low, mat-forming with deep violet-blue flowers held above rosettes of ovate foliage in summer. Full sun. 2" x 8"

Petrophytum caespitosum
Common name: Rock spirea
Small bottlebrush-like white flowers appear in summer amidst the blue-green tufts. Good for troughs, crevice gardens, scree beds or rock gardens. 2-4" x 12"

Phlox bifida 'Mixed'
Low, compact mounds of long, pointed, narrow leaves. Deeply cleft lavender-pink flowers in spring. 4” x 12”. Full sun

Phlox divaricata laphamii
A spreading Missouri native. Mats of foliage . Loose clusters of fragrant, tubular, blue-violet flowers on 12-15” stems appear in spring. Can form large colones over time as the leafy shoots spread along the ground rooting at the nodes. Attracts butterflies. Zone 3

Phlox douglasii 'Crackerjack'
Large crimson-red flowers on a compact plant, May - June, 3", Sun

Phlox subulata 'Emerald Blue'
Lavender-blue star-shaped blooms appear in April – May. A desirable ground cover growing only 4” tall x 18” wide. Attracts hummingbirds and bees. Zone 3

Phlox subulata 'Emerald Pink'
A low-growing species which forms a carpet-like mat no taller than 6”. Blazing pink blooms appear April-May. Perfect for rock gardens or slopes.

Phlox subulata 'Millstream Daphne'
A creeping ground cover perfect for rock gardens as it will creep through cracks and crevices and cascade over walls. Moss-like foliage remains short . 2-4” x 12-18”. April-May bright pink flowers are held in small cluster of 2-4 at the stem terminals. Flowers seem to completely cover the foliage.

Potentilla verna 'Nana'
Common Name: Cinquefoil
A fast growing ground cover with dainty, bright green leaves. The golden-yellow spring flowers are a show-stopper and can be seen from a distance. Zone 4. Full sun, can take most soils. 2" x 12"

Primula aricula

Rosettes of fleshy leaves. Vivid yellow flowers with white eyes in spring.
6" x 8". Part shade

Primula auricula ‘Sentimental Blue’
Common name: Primrose
Beautiful blue-purple flowers. This one is special – it blooms spring AND fall!

Primula marginata 'High Point'
Heavily toothed foliage. Rich royal-purple flowers. 2" x 4"

Primula x allionii 'Airmist'
Tight little domes are covered in spring with pretty pure white flowers. Part shade. 3" x 3"

Salix repens 'Boyd's Pendula'
Common name: Alpine Willow
A miniature weeping willow great for bonsai! A great ground-hugging form, gray-green leaves with white undersides and small catkins which appear of slender stems in spring. Full sun, Zone 5. 10 yrs: 10" tall x 36" wide

Saponaria 'Bressingham'

Common Name: Soapwort
This fragrant 8" mat-forming, semi-evergreen groundcover has masses of tiny pink flowers June - September. Zone 3

Saxifraga cochlearis 'Minor'
4" long scapes of diminutive, star-shaped white flowers rise above compact, lime-encrusted rosettes in June. At maturity 6" wide. Zone 3

Saxifraga 'Krasava'
Glaucus-green, columnar rosettes, lavender-pink flowers June. 2" tall. Part shade/shade

Saxifraga 'Mrs. Leng'
Bright green rosettes on a mounded form with clustered yellow flowers in June. 1" tall. Great for troughs! Part shade/Shade.

Saxifraga paniculata 'Millstream' ...New addition 4/6/14
Groundcover, Rock Garden, Alpines; Full sun/Part shade; Zone 5
Mid-sized rosettes are densely clustered forming a patch 8” tall by 6” wide. Pale red flowers appear in spring. Zone 5

Saxifraga paniculata var. minutifolia
Densely packed, lime-encrusted, silvery grey-green leaves. This one has the tiniest foliage and forms a nearly flat mat. White little stars arise on tall,red-flushed stems in May-June. One of the best “encrusted” saxifrages. Perfect trough plant or in rock crevices.

Saxifraga paniculata ‘Minutifolia Red Backed Spider’
Great for troughs; Part sun
Mats of gray-green minute rosettes with red-backed leaves are decorated with a blizzard of white flowers in spring. One of the tiniest saxafragas. ˝” x 6”

Saxifraga 'Red Cardinal'
Mossy, green-mat form. Red flowers May-June. 3-6". Part shade, Shade

Saxifraga 'Southside Seedling'
Low rosettes of pale green leaves hold 12” panicles of little white flowers with pretty red markings in the spring. 3” tall x 3” wide. Part shade/shade.

Saxifraga 'Teckles'
One of the best silvers and in high demand, with striking sprays of white flowers with bright red spots. 2" x 6"

Saxifraga 'Winifred Bevington'
Rosettes of tiny green leaves and plenty of white flowers with pink spots. 5" x 5"

Saxifraga x zimmeteri
A natural hybrid between S. paniculata and S. cuneifolia, this cute little saxifrage from Austria has flattish glossy dark green rosettes that are margined in gray-silver and bear sprays of starry white flowers in spring. 3" x 8"

Sedum hispanicum
Common name: Stonecrop
Yellow, June, 2", Sun

Sempervivum ...see listing at bottom of the page

Silene acaulis 'Frances'
Tight mounds of bright chartreuse with a scattering of pale pink blooms. Part sun. Trough, 2"

Silene acaulis 'Heidi'
Fom the Swiss Alps. Soft green cushions have very fine textured foliage that is sprinkled with rose-pink flowers in early summer. 1” x 8” Part sun, Troughs

Silene acaulis sssp. Acaulis
Wide mats of congested shoots clothed in small bright green leaves. Bright pink flowers are almost stemless. May - June. Grows 4" tall. Zone 3

Silene acaulis 'Tatoosh'
Common name: Moss Campion
Rose pink, May - Aug, 3", Sun

Silene ciliata
Soft pink, petals which curl up, atop striped calex over tight cushions of narrow, shiny-green foliage. Sun/part shade. 2” x 5”

Teucrium aroanium
Common name: Germander
A low-growing, stolinferous, woody plant which typically grows to 3” tall but spreads by trailing stems which root as they go to 4-8” wide. Oblong silvery-green leaves with light purple flowers in late spring to early summer.

Thymus praecox 'Albiflorus'
Common name: White-flowering Thyme
Plant near a path where foot traffic will release the fragrance! 2" x 18-24"

Thymus praecox 'Doretta Klaber'
One of the tightest forms. Small, fuzzy leaves form a 2" x 12" mat with dark pink flowers blooming May - June. Zone 3

Thymus praecox 'Elfin'
Trough, Full sun/part shade
A slowgrowing groundhugger. Pinkish-lavender flowers appear in summer over tiny mats of glossy green foliage. Purple foliage in the fall. Nice! ˝" x 12"

Thymus praecox 'Roseum'
Dense, dark green mats with light pink flowers. Grows just 2" tall, making it a great groundcover or filler for a stone walkway. Zone 3

Thymus quinquecostatus ibukiensis
A showy, Japanese native thyme with low mats, covered with abundant pink flowers. Grows just 2-4" tall with a 12" spread. Zone 4

Thymus quinquecostatus ibukiensis 'Alba'
A native of Japan, this thyme is one of the showiest. Low mats are covered with abundant white flowers. Zone 4

Thymus serpyllum 'Album'
Common name: Mother-of -Thyme
White, June - July, emerald green leaves, 2-4", Sun

Veronica armena
Common name: Armenian Veronica
Sky blue, June, 2" - 4", Sun

Veronica fruticulosa
Common name: Speedwell
Mat-forming perennial with pale pink flowers. Full sun. Zone 3.

Veronica rupestris 'Heavenly Blue'
Common name: Speedwell
4-5" emerald green carpet with brilliant blue flowers in May. Zone 3

Veronica rupestris 'Mrs. Holt'
Common name: Speedwell
Small pink spikes, June and Sept, 2-4", Sun/part shade

Yucca harrimaniae
Common name: Doll House Yucca
At only 12" tall, the sword-like leaves will add an interesting form to the rock garden or trough. Cream-white bells in July-Aug. Sun


Jovibarba heuffelii 'Beacon Hill'
Jovibarba heuffelii 'Violet'
Jovibarba heuffelii 'Wotan'
Jovibarba heuffelii 'Xanthoheuff'
Semp 'Alpha'
Semp arach 'Major'
Semp arachnoideum Robin
Semp arach sssp Tomentosum
Semp arach x montanum
Semp Atroviolaceum
Semp Beatrice
Semp Bedivere
Semp Beta
Semp Bronco
Semp Donna Rose
Semp 'Edge of Knight'
Semp 'El Toro'
Semp Emerald Giant

Semp Fame
Semp Fame Montrose
Semp Fimbriatum
Semp Flamingo
Semp 'Fuego'

Semp Glowing Embers
Semp 'Grammens'
Semp 'Hayling'
Semp Helveticum
Semp heuf Commander Hay
Semp Hot Stuff
Semp Imperial
Semp 'Jade Rose'
Semp Jungle Fires
Semp Mayfair Red
Semp Monases
Semp 'Monfort'
Semp 'Oh My'
Semp Ornatum
Semp Pilosella
Semp Pink Delight
Semp 'Ramses'
Semp Raspberry Ice
Semp 'Red Gleam'
Semp Triste
Semp Walcott's Variety
Semp Webby Flame
Semp Zoissieri

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